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Employer consulting & payroll

Employers face an ever-increasing burden in terms of tax and regulatory compliance, while also wanting to maximize returns from their pay and benefits policies.  Our specialists can help, offering a wide range of practical services and expert advice tailored to individual client needs.

Whether your primary need is for a cost-effective payroll service, a quick answer to an employment tax issue, help with employee share incentives or dealing with an HMRC PAYE & NIC visit, our dedicated team of experienced specialists provide prompt and comprehensive advice to any organization trying to manage its employment and payroll challenges.

Employee share incentives

Share based incentives for employees are a valuable tool to incentivize employees to think more about the business objectives of the company as well as a very tax efficient form of remuneration.
Whether looking at implementing a share scheme for  your employees in the future, or reviewing your existing arrangements, our team of experts can help through the whole process.
Tax approved share schemes such as:

·         Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI)

·         Employee Shareholder Status (ESS)

·         Share Incentive Plans (SIP)

·         Company Share Option Plan (CSOP)

·         Save As You Earn  (SAYE)

Are the “go to” tax efficient employee share based incentives.  We can help you decide what scheme is best for you, assist in the design process and advice on all aspects including share valuation, corporate tax implications and employment and capital gains tax treatment for the scheme you decide to implement. We can also deal with all HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) clearances and reporting requirements on an ongoing basis.
Other arrangements such as “future growth shares” and restricted share arrangements can also be considered if appropriate.
If you already have a scheme in place, we can provide a “share scheme doctor” service which will review your existing arrangements to make sure they are fit for purpose and as necessary update your existing schemes.
We can also just assist with the ongoing requirements of schemes including helping agree
share valuations with HMRC, ongoing compliance with HMRC returns and online self-certification with HMRC of existing share plans. 

Employment tax advisory & compliance

Employment costs often represent a substantial investment in a business. We help you gain the maximum benefit through a range of advisory services. We also help our clients identify and manage many risks associated with employee remuneration:

·         implementing salary sacrifice arrangements;

·         PAYE & NIC planning including employee restricted securities;

·         EBTs and disguised remuneration;

·         avoiding PAYE  & NIC pitfalls on share schemes;

·         Designing or updating expenses & benefits policies.

Provide detailed help on key risk areas including:

·         employed v self-employed;

·         termination payments;

·         agency rules and temporary workers including IR35, managed service and umbrella companies;

·         construction industry scheme (CIS);

·         troncs & tips.

We recognize that, for many businesses, complying with all HMRCs requirements is a strain. We can assist with:

·         annual returns of forms P11D and PAYE settlement agreements;

·         Annual Share scheme reporting to HMRC.

Employee global mobility

In the increasingly international business arena, dealing with expatriate payroll and tax issues is a challenge for many businesses. We help clients in a variety of ways:

·         advice on the new statutory residence test;

·         implementing and operating of expatriate payroll and global pay reporting;

·         preparation of tax returns for expatriates both in and out of the UK;

·         advising on tax and social security planning opportunities;

·         providing advice on social security compliance;

·         advising on expatriate policies, including tax equalization;

·         managing modified payrolls and various HMRC approved agreements;

·         Running payrolls both in the UK and overseas via our international network.

Inspections, assessments & penalties

PAYE & NIC is one of the most policed taxes and if accounting mistakes are made the penalties can be severe.
Following a PAYE & NIC inspection, issues and liabilities can inevitably arise. We can help you review HMRC assessments and can negotiate with them on your behalf to help ensure that liabilities and any enforced penalties are kept to an absolute minimum.
Many of our clients get piece of mind prior to an inspection by undertaking our PAYE & NIC Health check, ensuring that they are compliant in the first instance.
Our services include:

·         pre and post inspection PAYE & NIC assessment reviews;

·         negotiating with HMRC;

·         assisting with employment tax appeals and dispute resolution;

·         PAYE & NIC health checks.

What will our services provide you:

·         independent assessment of  your PAYE & NIC compliance and potential liabilities;

·         Mitigation of PAYE & NIC liabilities and penalties.



We provide a tailored payroll service to meet individual client needs, either by simply offering advice or fully supporting them by running their payroll and providing a full managed service.

Why consider payroll outsourcing?

There are many benefits of payroll outsourcing including:

·         freeing up of your staff for other tasks;

·         no need to involve yourself in software support and ongoing staff training;

·         increased confidentiality;

·         cost savings;

·         Confidence from using experienced providers.

Running a payroll efficiently requires sound processes, as well as technical knowledge to ensure that all changes in tax rates and regulations are applied correctly. We bring process efficiency and expertise together, providing clients with:

·         over a 100 years of payroll experience;

·         a flexible, tailored service;

·         accredited BACS agents;

·         payroll professionals dedicated to your payroll;

·         Access to employment specialists on pensions, benefits, salary sacrifice and tax planning.

We provide a bespoke service so you only pay for the services and reports you require and the payroll is designed to grow with your business.


International payroll

Increasingly complex and changing regulation makes the management of global payroll costs tougher. There is a growing need to understand and manage the processes and risks associated with these employment costs, which often comprise the largest single figure in the group profit and loss account.

Our dedicated international payroll team provides a comprehensive end to end payroll service. Our global solution integrates:

·         A single point of contact: our service is managed by our dedicated service manager.

·         Effective and efficient international payroll management: our experienced team centrally coordinates our service with a clearly defined communication and escalation procedure to ensure we control monthly payroll processes.

·         In each country: we respond to different payroll tax regulations through our international network, which has offices in 103 countries. We process payroll in accordance with local regulations and fulfil your compliance responsibilities.

·         From an international perspective: we provide a single view of all your payrolls and real-time integration with other systems and processes, such as HR and commissions systems. We offer visibility, compliance and reporting across your global payroll process from any location.

Our Services

In each country our services include:

·         processing of all payroll items including timesheets, calculations of bonuses, overtime, commissions, share option schemes, sick pay and maternity pay;

·         accurate taxation, social security and net pay calculations;

·         payment of employees and provision of pay slips;

·         administration of starters and leavers;

·         preparation of in-country monthly management reports;

·         Preparation and filing of monthly and year end returns to comply with local statutory regulations.

Our international payroll team will meet your specific requirements through the use of state-of-the-art software allowing us to manage all of your multi-country payrolls.  We provide a single view of all your payrolls and real-time integration offering visibility, compliance and reporting across your global payroll process from any location.

Free risk & opportunities review

Staying up to date with all the current tax regulations can be tough.  We can help you by arranging a risks & opportunities review meeting whereby one of our experts will sit down with you to understand your business, and talk around current employment tax issues that affect it. Once we know more about your business, we can let you know of any future employment tax changes that might be a risk or an opportunity to reduce costs.
This consultation is free and if you are interested, please contact us and well be in touch to organize a suitable time to come and meet you and your team.