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 Trust & estates

Its wise to look ahead and take steps to protect your family wealth – whether through trusts, inheritance tax planning or efficient estate administration. As professional advisers, we know that personal, family, charitable and business interests often overlap. From a personal perspective, our clients want to protect their family wealth and often have charitable interests they also wish to pursue. Planning ahead is a way to ensure effective management of your assets. We can help our clients protect the interests of those they love and whom they wish to benefit from their estate, as well as ensure they are able to protect the issues they care about.

At First Accountant, our experienced professionals combine their technical expertise in trusts, estates and charities with an understanding of the complexities of life. We take time to understand your specific circumstances, family situation, business and financial arrangements. With this knowledge we can then advise on how you can best achieve your goals through the creation of a trust, charity or other tax efficient planning. On the death of a loved one, we act with skill and sensitivity to help executors and personal representatives meet the demands made of them, relieving some of the burden at such a difficult time, as well as ensuring that the estates affairs are handled efficiently.
Inheritance tax & estate planning

Estate planning can involve many interrelated and potentially complex issues. We provide advice on the mitigation of inheritance tax for UK domiciled individuals or non-domiciled individuals with assets in the UK.


·         Advising on inheritance tax matters.

·         Coordinating estate duty advice from other jurisdictions.

·         Assisting in the planning required to make lifetime gifts, whether out of income or capital.

·         Coordinating the drafting of tax wills efficient wills that ensure that you benefit the people you want to benefit.

·         Ensuring efficient use of the spouse exemption and transferable nil rate bands.

·         Ensuring that you qualify for any available reliefs or exemptions, such as business property relief or agricultural property relief.

·         If you are not domiciled in the UK, establishing trusts to protect your foreign assets from inheritance tax as you approach 16 years of presence in the UK.

·         Facilitating the establishment of trusts.

·         Advising on and coordinating trust reorganizations.

We can ensure that your inheritance tax issues are addressed comprehensively and effectively. We have access to international advice through the First Accountant International network of firms and other contacts, enabling us to coordinate advice from a number of jurisdictions in an efficient manner.

Trust administration

We can manage your trusts financial administration and reporting requirements, providing a friendly and efficient service.


·         Advising on establishing a trust.

·         Preparation of accounts – interim, annual, simple and/or complex.

·         Completion and submission of trust tax returns and inheritance tax returns.

·         Advising on payments of tax due to HMRC.

·         Liaising with third parties such as investment managers, banks, property managers and solicitors.

·         Reconciling investment portfolios.

·         Administration of bank accounts.

·         Administering trusts including making payments to or on behalf of beneficiaries.

·         Preparing trustee resolutions.

·         Attending trustee meetings and preparing minutes.

·         Preparing investment policies and risk assessments.

·         Acting as a trustee through our trust corporation.

·         Assisting with a settlor and/or a beneficiary tax affairs.

We relieve trustees of the administrative burden associated with their trusts affairs. Our friendly, approachable team has extensive experience in trust administration, tax and accounting, ensuring that your affairs are handled efficiently and effectively. Trust administration, particularly the related tax and accounting issues, can be complex. Knowing that our experienced professionals are on your side provides additional peace of mind.

Charity administration

We offer a bespoke service tailored to your individual charitys needs, making best use of our professional expertise.


·         Providing advice and assistance on establishing a charity.

·         Preparing accounts in line with current accounting standards and recommended practice.

·         Liaising with third parties such as investment managers, banks, property managers and solicitors.

·         Reconciling investment portfolios.

·         Advising on and preparation of appropriate governance policies and risk assessments.

·         Providing a registered office.

·         Handling donation applications and filtering them as required.

·         Monitoring projects to make sure donations are being spent in accordance with the trustees/directors wishes.

·         Preparing gift aid claims and collecting money due from HMRC.

·         Arranging the audit and independent examination of accounts.

·         Making payments on behalf of trustees/directors and keeping records of payments.

·         Creation of charities, including setting up with the Charity Commission.

·         Preparing trustee/director resolutions.

·         Attending trustee/board meetings and preparing minutes.

·         Acting as a trustee/director through our trust corporation.

When we take on day to day accounting activities, trustees/directors become free to concentrate their efforts on developing their charity and researching projects. Our experienced team will apply its wealth of knowledge to your accounting and administrative needs, keeping up to date with regulatory requirements so you dont have to. Our professionals will also advise you on tax efficient planning opportunities to ensure you gain maximum benefit from your charitable activities. We also pride ourselves on our personal service, working hard to understand your needs, concerns and priorities and tailoring our services accordingly.


When an individual dies, his or her property is handled by people who have been appointed as Executors by Will or Personal Representatives where the individual has died intestate. This can be daunting and we can support the Executor/Personal Representative by providing administration, accounting and tax compliance services.


·         Ascertain the value of the estate.

·         Prepare inheritance tax forms.

·         Arrange for Grant of Probate / Letter of Administration to be obtained.

·         Collect in assets and settle all liabilities including income tax and capital gains tax liabilities.

·         Arrange for legal titles to be transferred to beneficiaries if necessary (e.g. property or stocks and shares).

·         Prepare tax returns.

·         Prepare estate accounts.

·         Arrange for the distribution of the estate.

·         Establish trusts being set up by the will or intestacy.

·         Tax planning advice.


·         Relieve family members of a burden during a distressing time.

·         Expert knowledge in dealing with estates, offering peace of mind to families.

Employee Benefit Trust

When setting up and running an Employee Benefit Trust, certain regulatory and other requirements must be met. We provide administration, tax and accounting services in tandem with our Employer Support Group to ensure your trust runs smoothly.


·         Preparation of annual accounts.

·         Preparation and submission of annual tax returns.

·         Handling any tax reclaims due through the trust tax returns.

·         Making payments to staff members.

·         Liaising with the company regarding options granted to employers.

·         Making payments in accordance with the terms of the trust.

Our expert and experienced professionals relieve trustees of the administrative burden associated with the trust, offering an efficient and reliable service. We ensure that all aspects of tax compliance are met. We can also advise on how to minimize income tax liabilities and national insurance, while also incentivizing staff.

Snow Hill Trustees Limited

Snow Hill Trustees Limited is a registered trust company constituted under English law. It can be engaged to act as a trustee, executor, nominee or company director to administer trust funds and estates and provide other related services.


·         Acting as a trustee, either alone or with others, for UK resident trusts or charities.

·         Acting as an executor, either alone or with others.

·         Acting as an attorney under a Lasting Power of Attorney.

·         Acting as a company director.