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 IT consulting services

Our IT Consulting team provides clients with access to a specialised group of professional resources experienced in a range of programme and project-related activities:

governance structure and setup;

quality management systems;

cyber and IT security;

change/Risk management;

project lifecycle management;

bespoke solutions development;

project and delivery frameworks;

sector-specific products;

IT strategy;

financial modelling.

We provide services directly to our own clients or in support of our international member offices to assist in the growth of their businesses within their own regional markets.

Information and cyber security

The risk of cyber-attack is growing exponentially as the opportunities presented by technology and improved systems connectivity grows. This threat to information security is an existential threat to many organizations.

Breaches in the confidentiality, integrity or availability of their data are significant, but the loss of customer or stakeholder trust in their service could be terminal.

Securing digital channels is a complex exercise, and one that draws on a range of governance, risk and assurance capabilities as well as in-depth technical and cyber security skills. Our cost effective services help you to:

·         educate your senior management and employees on security threats and how to respond to these;

·         assure your process and technology, giving you independent and timely information on your state of information security compliance;

·         architect your risk, policy, technology and standards environments to help you ensure your business operates according to your risk appetite;

·         manage your security operation, making sure you blend education, architecture and assurance in a way that is appropriate to your operation.


IT governance

If your organisation has suffered from failed IT projects in the past its not acceptable to think that the next one will fare any better unless you consider why they failed and address the concerns at source.  Similarly, if your strategy is moving you towards large-scale project development then you need to have surety that you are properly structured, resourced and skilled to tackle the demands this will bring.
First Accountant consultants are hands-on professionals who not only advise but also practice what they preach.
We have undertaken system and project reviews where recommendations may suggest only minor improvements, such as effecting a change of job responsibilities or resource training.  However, we also undertake root and branch reviews whereby organisational restructuring is required to ensure that processes are both effective and efficient.
By tackling problems early it is fact that you will be reducing your risk of falling short of expectations or, worse, failing altogether.  With First Accountant you will have a partner who can assist in any or all of the following ways:

Governance structure
Advising on governance structure, defining options and recommendations for improvement, identifying how benefits can be realised, planning for change, and assisting with communications of changes through appropriate mentoring and training.

PMO implementation
Often the Project Managers Office receives poor reviews and is perceived as an unnecessary evil within an organisation.  However, if defined and setup properly it should be a key component in efficient and effective delivery management.
Whether we act as consultants, implementers or developers, First Accountant has experience of working across different business sectors and client cultures to understand that one size does not necessarily fit all.  Our track record has given us excellent insight into what works well and also where some processes cause blocks against the very tasks they were designed to improve.
We have experience of reviewing existing PMO setups, advising on improvement, implementing change and even defining/designing PMO start-ups.

Quality management systems
Our experience of defining and working within the quality standards means that you have support from people who understand the implications of clearly defined processes, strong communication throughout the organisation, and the benefits of continual improvement.
Project lifecycle management
In addition to managing specific project developments (see Delivery and Development) our consultants have experience of assisting clients with management of key resources throughout the entire project lifecycle.

IT assurance

All organisations need to be confident about both control and value for money from IT investments in terms of:

·         efficient and accurate data;

·         robust management information;

·         advanced security against external or internal threats;

·         assurance that systems can cope with a disaster and continue operations effectively.

First Accountant has a team of qualified and experienced specialists with expertise in all aspects of IT governance, risk management and assurance. We offer a range of services designed to ensure that you and your business get the most from your IT within a safe and secure environment.  The services include:

·         IT Internal audit co-source and outsource;

·         IT security, cyber security and privacy;

·         ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 compliance reviews;

·         information security policy development;

·         business continuity management;

·         third party assurance;

·         project risk management;

·         data analysis and computer assisted auditing techniques.

Our team has extensive cross sector experience, including public sector, financial sector and Insurance assignments both in the UK and internationally.

System reviews
Undertaking independent project or programme reviews, often no more than two to three weeks in length. to highlight key findings and produce high level recommendations.
IT strategy
When you construct an IT strategy you could be referring to the process of determining the strategy itself, undertaking an audit of the scope and coverage of that strategy, or require knowledge and experience to outline options and define recommendations for the three to five year plan.  With First Accountant you will have access to expertise in each of these areas.
Perhaps it is an audit of your IT strategy, advice on how to address the gaps in your IT security, or specific expertise on assessing a proposed approach to your technology infrastructure, First Accountant has a track record meeting these needs.


Data solutions

Companies are generating data faster than ever before. As a result, firms are under pressure to understand and gain assurance over the integrity of the data underpinning performance and financial reporting. Expectations on technology and data are increasing, not only from end users but also from the boardroom, audit committees and regulators.
The challenge
By running sophisticated analyses over data sets, our data analysts help to detect anomalies or patterns that simply cant be spotted through random sampling. Data analysis can help you to add value and lower risk.
First Accountant data & analytics can help with:

·         confirming completeness and accuracy of system-generated reports on which other manual controls or substantive evidence rely;

·         ensuring in-system calculations are accurate and repeatable;

·         ensuring all transactions and system activity is traceable to an authenticated individual;

·         identifying breaches of authorisation and threshold controls; and

·         verifying effectiveness of segregation of duties.